Icons pack / Set of 210+ icons

Icons pack / Set of 210+ iconsIcons pack / Set of 210+ icons

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Welcome to our icons package, which contains more than 210+ unique icons created by professional designers. This package of icons will help your project stand out against the background of competition and will emphasize its uniqueness. The icons are in vector format, making them easy to edit and scale, so you can use them on any platform, whether it’s a website, a mobile app, or even a presentation.


✪ More than 210+ unique icons to decorate your project

✪ Vector format, making them easily editable and scalable

✪ Created by professional designers, which guarantees high quality icons

✪ Easy to use on any platform, including websites and mobile apps

✪ Helps your project stand out from the competition and emphasize its uniqueness

Do not miss the opportunity to decorate your project with beautiful and unique icons that will attract the attention of your audience!


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