AI Voice Generator UI Kit

AI Voice Generator UI KitAI Voice Generator UI Kit

Introducing vocaLICIOUS,

It's AI Voice Generator UI Kit, using which users can generate voices within seconds. Users can onboard and join via the onboarding process and login/sign-up screens.

Users can generate voices by uploading a document (doc) such as a YouTube script or manually typing into the textbox.

Users can also customize various voice features such as voice type (inspirational, happy, energetic), voice speed, voice pitch, and more.

Users can also give their positive feedback (by liking the output voice) or their negative feedback (by disliking the output video) to further improve the machine processing and future work.

Get all these features and much more in this usable, accessible and intuitive UI Kit. And it's Ready to Code, with a simple user flow, so that you can start working on it immediately after the purchase.

Can't wait to see your final app in the App Store.

Best of luck 🙌


How to access the file:
To get this file, click on the 'Get File' button below and log in. If you don't already have an account you can create one for free. Once you are logged in, clicking the button below will start the download.

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