Camping Mobile App UI Kit

Figma mobile app design for campingFigma mobile app design for camping

This Kit is all about camping. which can make your camping easier than ever.

It includes:

- Styleguide ( which gives your customization a lightning-fast speed)

- Every single used resource.

- Dynamic Thumbnails

The list below will show you key features of that Kit:

- Flawless prototype

- Renamed layers

- Always sync your Team Activity

- Security on every step of log-in

- Super easy to use

- Simple forms

- Information on every different step (For not familiar users)

- Propper use of images

- Reminds you about important information

- Record your fitness 24/7

- Let you manage what is in your bag

- Tell's you about your teammate

- Shows you tips & tricks

- Helps you to directly capture your memories as photos directly from the app

How to access the file:
To get this file, click on the 'Get File' button below and log in. If you don't already have an account you can create one for free. Once you are logged in, clicking the button below will start the download.

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